Will you marry me, Conchita?

I’ve been in love since I first saw the video of the winning contestant of Eurovision 2014. A drag queen with attitude, a beautiful person both on the outside and inside. So sexy and with a heavenly voice! This has revived my idea of a marriage in a Norwegian church (with no gay wedding policy) to protest both the church policy and Norway’s human rights violations against transgender people (the forced sterilisation and the refusal to give us legal documents reflecting our identities). Conchita would have been perfect!

Of course I don’t really believe that Conchita would marry a 10 years older, chubby and short transman, even if it was just a pro-forma stunt-wedding. But if you who read this happen to be a transwoman with a male legal gender or a drag-queen dreaming of a wedding dress, and like media attention, then please contact me! Lets rise like phoenixes and prove we are unstoppable!

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